About Jet James

Jet James is an award winning Australian artist recognised for printmaking, painting and mixed media artworks. Jet has won many accolades including a shortlisting in the National Youth Portrait Prize of Australia, Winner of the Charles Ware, National Young Artist Award, and in 2015 he was selected as one of the leading printmakers for an exhibition in New Zealand.

Jet James has also been signed by companies such as Bio Pak which saw his artwork on coffee cups across Australia & New Zealand , and on Rockflowerpaper Tea Trays & Coasters that was distributed in potentially 5000 outlets across the United States.  Most recently he work with architects firms in Germany which saw his work used for transparent walls & wall paper in a wellness retreat & hotel in the Swiss Alps, plus  his artwork transformed onto glass doors at a German Brewery.

Jet also has a passion for sharing his unique techniques in PVC collagraphy  which can be viewed on his YouTube Channel or experienced through Printmaking workshops, some of which included  organisations  such as Fibre Arts Australia  in Ballarat , Artworx Geelong, Great Barrier Reef Authority , Lower Hutt Art School New Zealand , Creative Gladstone, Emerald Art Gallery,  & many private & public schools


Although accomplished, Jet has overcome many adult and childhood adversities including poverty, isolation and being orphaned at the age of 8.  Jet believes his passion for art created a positive pathway in his life and helped him move forward.  Jet found art early and has passionately been pursuing his art since 15.
Jet James is now a renowned Yeppoon artist and designer and owner of this own beachside gallery. The Jet James Art mGallery showcases the artwork and merchandise of Jet James alongside other very talented local Jewellers, Resin and Ceramic Artists. Inside the gallery you may find Jet working on something new and exciting.