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Jet James

Fresh Faces - Mixed Media Release

Jet James Original Mixed Media Artworks on Plywood.

Release Date: 7pm Friday 14th May

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Fresh In!


Learn about Jet James & what motivates his unique art, making him one of Australia's most exciting talents.

Our Crazy Week!

Our Crazy Week!

A man in this 50s, scruffy, entered reluctantly with his wife. He looked at the colourful products and the soulful artworks, then he stared up at us, concerned. We could almost predict the following words to come out of his mouth. Like ask many times before, he asked, "Do you do ok in here?". Everyone always wants to know, do artists earn any money? 
Understanding Fine Art Prints

Understanding Fine Art Prints

Wall Art Prints by Jet James
The Story of 'Storm Man'

The Story of 'Storm Man'

Learn the story of  recognised artwork 'Storm Man' by Jet James

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Pineapple Bamboo Socks


Owl Tote Bag


Navy Dragonfly Cushion Cover

From $35.00 - $50.00

Jet James Scarves - Full moon waves


Rainbow Dragonfly Cushion Cover

From $35.00 - $50.00

Dragonfly Neoprene lunch tote




Leaf Essence Travel Bag


Christmas Ornaments


Aqua Dragonfly Cushion Cover


Storm Man Fine Art Print

From $50.00 - $600.00

Nature Cushion Cover

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Water Dragonfly Fine Art Print

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Water Dragonfly Postcard


Jet James Pens


Morning Dragonfly


Nature Etching #4


Board Shorts


Wave Board Shorts