Hibiscus Cycle - Framed Original Etching

  • $1,300.00

Original dry point etching, “Hibiscus Cycle” by Jet James is available for purchase. This beautiful piece has been etched into and hand coloured with watercolour paint. It is a unique state piece with only one other variation in existence. It has been professionally framed with ultra clear, clarity glass and a light timber frame. 


  • Method: Drypoint Etching & Watercolour
  • 250gsm Fabriano Paper
  • Frame measurements: 70.5cm x 83.5cm 
  • Print Measurements: 63cm x 51cm 

What is a dry-point etching? 

Jet James’ paper dry point etching technique uses a paste board template that is etched into using needle points and Stanley knifes. A paste board has a layer of plastic on top, with a porous, cardboard backing. The plastic coating is carved into to expose the cardboard underneath which acts as a template to rub ink into. The ink is then polished back, removing the ink from the smoothness of the plastic but remaining within the absorbency of the cardboard. A piece of high quality, 250gsm Fabiano paper is placed on top of the template and run through a printing press to press the template into the paper. The artwork is then revealed onto the paper. 



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