Byfield Fern Drink Coasters - Jet James Artist
Byfield Fern Drink Coasters - Jet James Artist

Byfield Fern Drink Coasters

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Byfield Fern Drink Coasters.

This unique & original design explore parts of the Byfield Fern and is created by renowned Australian printmaking artist Jet James.

Jet’s designs derive from his original etchings. His etchings explore the complex intricacies and delicate beauty of the natural environment. Jet James draws directly from the natural world by collecting and preparing flora from the environment, and combines this organic material into a specialized etching process. See the natural world documented in silhouette and soft tonal ranges.

"Bowenia serrulata, the Byfield fern, is a cycad in the Stangeriaceae family. Its bipinnate fronds, arising from a subterranean caudex, give it the appearance of a fern. However it is not a fern as its vernacular name and appearance suggest. It is endemic to the vicinity of Byfield, Australia."

Jet James' highly sought after etchings have been transformed into these beautiful soft cork coasters. Each coaster measures 10cm x 10cm,  with the same design on a set of 4. 

Packaged in a colourful box perfect as a gift or yourself!  Be inspired by the Byfield Fern !