Red Tailed Cockatoo Art Print

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Red Tailed Cockatoo Art Print

This unique & original design is created by renowned Australian printmaking artist Jet James.

Jet’s designs derive from his original mixed media works. His artwork explore the complex intricacies and delicate beauty of the natural environment.  


"The red-tailed black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii) also known as Banksian- or Banks' black cockatoo, is a large black cockatoo native to Australia. Adult males have a characteristic pair of bright red panels on the tail that gives the species its name. It is more common in the drier parts of the continent. Five subspecies are recognised, differing most significantly in beak size. Although the more northerly subspecies are widespread, the two southern subspecies, the forest red-tailed black cockatoo and the south-eastern red-tailed black cockatoo are under threat. "


Jet James' highly sought after artworks have been transformed into these beautiful quality  Giclee prints. Each print measures 50cm x 70cm of the Red Tailed Cockatoo. 




Looks like the original! Beautiful and high quality giclee print (UNFRAMED)
50cm x 70cm- Poster sized prints on watercolour paper.
Signed by the Artist in pencil

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