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PVC etching by Jet James

Pvc etching with a diecut Xpress machine



This unique technique of PVC etching was first pioneered by the late Peter Indans at the Central Queensland TAFE college, which I was a student of. The first experiments started in 2006 when I was under his mentorship. It involved pressed dry materials into a PVC rigid board to leave delicate impressions that were later inks and printed onto paper.  Months were spent trialling new PVC boards to achieve desired results.  I remember Peter encouraging the class of the exciting possibilities still ahead in this medium, as well as a unique opportunity for someone to market & showcase. His enthusiasm resonated with me ! 


Portrait of Peter Indans by Patrick Connor




"See my full video on the technique  here on YouTube .... VIEW






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  • barb chotiner : January 29, 2021

    hi – i was wondering if you could talk more about the type of PVC to get. You say 5ml, but being in quarantine I’m limited to what i can find online and can’t get to a howard store. I’ve been enjoying looking at your work and videos. thanks! barb c (

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