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Our Crazy Week!

Our Crazy Week!

A man in this 50s, scruffy, entered reluctantly with his wife. He looked at the colourful products and the soulful artworks, then he stared up at us, concerned. We could almost predict the following words to come out of his mouth. Like ask many times before, he asked, "Do you do.. ok in here?". Everyone always wants to know, do artists earn any money? 
Not only has Jet's business been doing ok, but it's been thriving! Especially since COVID19 / Coronavirus hit the world. 
However, even this week, The Jet James Art Gallery business has grown:
  • This year marks Jet's 3rd year in business;
  • We now ship online orders two days a week;
  • We hired two new employees - taking us to a team of 5;
  • We've had new products landing on shelves (& flying out the door);
  • This week marks a record for the most original artworks in a week, for 2021;
  • Soon we're moving onto bigger and better things. 
We decided it was time to recruit some staff to hold up the fort with our Gallery becoming such a rapidly growing business here in Yeppoon. Our two new friendly faces, Olivia and Jasmin, have joined our team. Jasmine will be taking over some of our digital marketing and communications; you might see her at the computer or assisting customers in-store. Olivia will be joining Ada as a junior customer service attendant, helping customers in-store. 
Not only have we had new staff members this week, but we have also had a handful of new products land in-store. Our latest products include foldable shopping bags, medium zipper pouches, scarves, serving platters, canvas prints and one-of-a-kind hanging wall clocks. Our biggest hit being the 'hanging wall cock,' which sold out in 48 HOURS! We are currently designing some more for our woodworking genius to hand carve. Keep an eye out on our social media for more updates! 
As mentioned earlier, this week was our best selling week for Jet's original artworks for this year. He sold a whopping total of 11 Original Artworks, each of them heading out to their new homes soon. This week we saw the sale of:
  • 'Blue Boy,' 
  • 'Timeless', 
  • 'Ocean Nude', 
  • "Pink Figure", 
  • "Fabric of Life," 
  • "Younger Self," 
  • "Byfield Shell," 
  • "Emerge", 
  • "Double Cooee Bay," 
  • 'Butterfly Breeze,"
  •  & 'Burnt Dragonfly' 
The amount of support we have received lately has been incredible, and we are so grateful for our fantastic community of new and returning customers. 
Unfortunately, this week, our real estate agent advised that due to the foreshore development that is going on here in Yeppoon. Regretfully, we will have to leave our beautiful gallery spot here on the beachfront. We knew this would happen eventually; however, as they say, when one door closes, another door opens. We have something secret and exciting happening, so keep your eyes and ears open. 
Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date on what we're doing and where we're going over the next few weeks. We are active on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, under the 'Jet James Artist' banner; you can find the links on our website. We look forward to seeing you all in the Gallery!
Best Wishes,
Jet James and The Team.


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