Opening a pop up shop !

During the later part of 2017 , I opened up a pop up shop in Yeppoon called For Arts Sake Pop up Shop. We were so blessed to have such an overwhelming response from both the locals and tourists. It has become one of the biggest life changing experiences for my career in the arts!   I learnt the importance of embracing my locality and expressing it through art,  and finding ways to enrich the experience for our tourists! In some ways the influence & inspiration of Ken Done was becoming more apparent for me!

There was an amazing amount of support from Keppel Coast Arts Council, the Livingstone Shire council and the lease holders of the premises. During the 3 months of staying open we held many events and exhibitions , doing what we could to create a vibrant energy in the heart of Yeppoon! 
Yeppoon Pop up shop
I learnt so much about myself and created so many new life goals. One crazy experience was watching my  Cooee Bay Tea towels  sell out in a week!  The biggest point of difference was my labelling.  It toke lots of convincing for me to have the words "Yeppoon - Cooee Bay' overlapping my artwork, but in doing this I was surprised of the result.  It became an instant hit for locals and tourists.  So I will be doing lots more of this, to keep celebrating the unique place of Yeppoon and giving people an opportunity to showcase it to the world ! 
The entire journey of starting a shop has me compelled to open a gallery shop in Yeppoon.  I feel theres a risk , but you can never grow without taking risks! So expect me to open up very soon!


  • Wow, your work is stunning! I wish you every success and congrats on your award. I love your dragonfly prints. I have just played with my first leaf prints on a geli print and was disappointed with the results! Your prints are amazingly lifelike and organic.

    Jesse Rowan
  • What times are the shop open

    Annette Baker

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