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HHHappy Magazine Interview

HHHappy Magazine Interview

I was recently honoured when Happy Magazine interviewed me for its upcoming publication.  Some of the questions focussed on my experiences of being an orphan. I had spent long time bottling up my emotions and not sharing anything about my life.  But I hope by opening up and allowing people to hear my story,  it might give insight into my art, and give hope to others who are facing their own forms of  adversity in life.  Check out the interview here !   

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  • Bridgette: January 19, 2020

    I was so moved by your recollections…I am 67 years old and I have a son who just turned 50… I was also of the ‘hippie culture’ …my son’s father of course left and never was in touch again except when in trouble, drugs,…he shot himself when my son was 11…I was lucky enough to have a supportive mother so I went to college and we had a somewhat normal life… I still smoked pot and got high around my son…this was 1969, it was my choice of a lifestyle…not to just be high, but to live a fuller, freer life than my mother’s generation…not be tied to an apron…my son grew up to music, he saw the best bands…I tried to encourage any skill he enjoyed …drum lessons, drawing …sports…by the time he was in High School he smoked pot and did drugs, not encouraged by me but none the less he had seen @ home…my mother drank but not myself…my son stuck to nothing, he was very attractive to women who babied him as I myself had always done,…in 1991 he had a son and was married…they moved to Miami where my son worked for an exclusive Hotel (Delano)…he began scoring drugs for the bands…he was a name dropper and a star fucker…by the time his son was 7, he was an addict…he was lost to me for several years in which time I blamed myself for his problem…I finally sought counseling it went on for years and goes on now…@ 38 he got clean and all was wonderful…we forgave each other…for 12 years I had him back…I lived in la-la land…I thought we were done with drugs…but last January 2019, he just left almost everything he owned (what he couldn’t sell) and sent me a text that he went back to LA…I had begun to think he was back on drugs the month before he left and I kept asking him and his wife…I got too close to the truth, I have always been able to read him…why I tell you all this I’m not sure…except that little boy you spoke of broke my heart…I wish things could have been different for you…I have the same hole in my soul that you do…know you are loved and good vibes come to you…b

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